May 14

I liked this book because it deals with something that we as a class could not agree on. i believe if something can feel and function on it’s own, regardless of it being man made or not then we shouldn’t hurt it. the idea of making clones and breeding them for human neccesities is cruel and inconsiderate. i understand the idea behind it but it is not logical when it comes in practice. the fact that in the book they don’t even know that they will be killed for their organs and they think they will live a happy life is very sad. they don’t know their inevitable fate and that is why i believe we shouldn’t be messing with mother nature in any way at all because the consequences morally and to our planet could be severe. Kathy and Tommy try to escape but in the end they are just clones. i don’t think clones should be created in the first place. medicines and operations is okay because it is not hurting anyone or anything. but breeding clones to make a organ for yourself is wrong and a huge violation of basic human rules we live by morally. i would never take that organ or breed a clone. and i hope our planet is not doing this either or takes it to the extent the book took this topic of clones. overall i liked the boo and thought it was truly fitting to our topics in class.

May 07

This movie was scary but definitely something that is believable and very likely to happen. This type of disease that go around and the amount of times people interact with each other and pass along their germs is very high and likely to really happen. I think this was more of an awakening movie and the most realistic movie so far because this can happen to any of us at any time for no good reason. The way the movie portrayed it to be an accident that created this huge outburst is brilliant because in the likely hood of this happening, it probably would happen in this way where it was no one’s fault and it was an accident. My favorite part of the movie is the ending when you see how this huge thing broke out in the first place by a bat and pig. Germs are easily spread in our economy today with transportation and airplane flights etc. hygiene is important if you want to minimize these diseases and germs from spreading. The movie talks about how other diseases have spread around the world at rapid rates like H1N1 and that reminded me of working at Duane Reade where i interact and come in contact with a lot of people every day. When that flu broke out, i was scared to ring people up and even go to work. I still did go to work because there was no other option if i wanted to pay my bills. I was very scared and concerned about my safety while working there during that time. This movie reminds me of that time and I can relate and sympathize with everyone in the movie. This movie was a good pick and I enjoyed watching it. It’s definitely a great way to scare people into washing their hands more so naturally I am a fan of this movie. Thanks =)

Apr 30

This novel shows the horrors of an evacuation and how technology
could hurt us. With combinations of certain chemicals a simple train crash can
lead to mass hysteria. Jack I thought in the whole book was odd, his family is weird
and the only thing I thought was realistic was the ideas of everyone being
scared of dying. An “airborne Toxic event” could happen in our world. I mean
reading this part made me think of the
9-11 event that lead to mass hysteria and toxic chemicals being released
in the air due to the buildings falling. Many people got sick and had breathing
problems due to that day and breathing in all those toxins. Honestly George
breathing in a possible fatal chemical that he can die from due to a crash is
exactly what happens to many new Yorkers on September 11. The book itself was weird
but the idea behind the horrors of technology was real feeling and very
believable. The characters were a bit extreme but I could relate to some of
them. I looked at the supermarket scene at the end as a funny yet SO true incident.
If you take people out of their daily routine and change things around on them
the way the supermarket “rearranged their shelves” then you end up getting a
bunch of confusion. We as humans do not adapt good to change and that is why I think
it is always best to not mess with things that have huge consequences like
chemicals and technology that leads to inventions that are lethal. We wouldn’t know
how to deal with this problem if it happened so we shouldn’t mess with it in my
opinion. We should all just go natural and eco friendly =) this was an ok book.

Apr 23

This movie was so scary and sad. If the world ever ended up
like this I wouldn’t even want to live through it. I probably would want to
just end life the way the main character’s wife wanted to do. I definitely wouldn’t
bring a child into the world either. This movie was good though and portrayed
the way life could be if things really got bad. Good pick…..sad but educational

Apr 16

I believe this was the saddest book you have made us read.

A lot of this book was based around the fact that everyone
will die. I found it particularly sad how everyone ended their lives. There was
bit of hope through some people who were still gardening or making new
relationships that would never end up becoming something more. This whole book
shows how dangerous certain technologies can be. Radiation is a serious problem
and it is a reality we do have to face. In Japan after the tsunami, everyone
was exposed to radiation due to an explosion. On top of natural environmental
problems, we have created enormous man made problems as well. The people
exposed to the radiation are now living what we have read in this book. They will
get sick and die with major problems that are not even natural. This book is a
warning to all about the horrors of radiation. Unfortunately I don’t see much
changing in our world regarding these unhealthy man made problems. This reality
is as sad as this book. But I enjoyed reading it. Thank you =)

Apr 02

This movie was really good and the concept of going into another world and being able to exsist there and here in the reality world is cool. this movie also shows how grred and money is destroying our humane part of us. this good vs. evil or natural vs. technology is a popular theme as well in our class. the whole time  was watching this movie i couldnt help but think about Neuromancer. things that happened in this movie could be widely compared to things that has happened in all the books and movies we havee experienced in this class. Truthfully i do not think this is where we should be spending or energy or money, we should be spending our time in making what we have better, not trying to escape it and go into another world through technology. the movie was good. thanks

Mar 19

“Avatar” is a movie with such rich similarities to our histories problems regarding destruction and conquering. America destroyed the Native American’s land, resources, and culture. This movie shows how pure and spiritual these natives were and how demanding and selfish a country could be when they want to forcefully take over a country in order to obtain their resources. This movie reminded me a lot of “Sleep Dealer” because it deals with the same issues of destroying resources you can never get back. I love this movie and truly believe this movie exposed the beauty and horrors of entering into someone else’s land. The movie ends differently from the way history really happened but it was cool to see the little guy for once win and be defiant against the bully country with all the power and money. The use of technology in this movie is seen as a good thing in one way (being able to experience the unknown nature land first hand) and bad in another (Big Corporations try to destroy a whole planet and it’s ecosystem and natives just to control their resources).

Feb 27

This book was really good and a new way of looking at things. it’s amazing to see our technology described in a book. it’s almost like these predictions are coming true step after step when it comes to this new technology about computers and a virtual reality world. It is cool the way Gibson describes cyberspace and i find it very fitting to this class and the topics we discuss in class. Technology has taken us so far and has made us able to discover and experience so much more than we ever imagined. i still think we have a long way to go. However; Case makes us see just what is possible in dealing with this world that continues to change and evolve around a technology driven world. i liked the book and it defintly opened up my eyes and mind to the possibilities technology could one day bring us.

Feb 21

Interaction is preferred to be done now on electronics instead
of face to face. This generation has changed our understanding of interaction
as we once knew it. This movie has exposed the most basic structure that people
today communicate and interact through computers. Kids interact with each other
on xbox live which is communication online and being able to play with people
all over the world. In many ways I believe this world is moving in a direction
where everything will be online. This movie shows how it all started. You take
one idea and you run with it. You take one website where you get to communicate
with your friends or meet people new and you see this website grow. This project
started all through what really interest college students and it was the
ability to be in a click of friends and know about each other. What interest students
are the ability to get to know a stranger online who went to your school or new
your friends. Facebook expanded because it targeted not just one group of
people’s interest but all groups of people’s interest. No matter what age, sex,
culture, or believe … Facebook gave a person the ability to interact with another
person who interested them. This person could be a family member, a co-worker,
a friend, or just a pretty face that interest you. This movie conveys the most
basic principles of life and what human beings love to do and that is interacting
with each other. Except in this generation due to technology making us lazier,
this interaction with other people is preferred to be done in the safety of
your home on a computer, or on your phone where you don’t have to move at all.
The most important part of this movie is when you get to see what is now “Facebook”
first grow and expand in the beginning of the movie. The viewer gets to see why
and how the online interaction spread so fast. This is an example of technology
and what our preferences are today and now in society. I liked the movie and
the whole process of learning how technology has impacted my generation and the
generations to come after mine.

Feb 06

One thing I found very interesting about this book was the idea that the author had on “Big Brother”. the scene i thought was fitting was the begining when the setting is being described and it seems sad and cold, a very dry and miserable world. the author at this time must of been very scared and depressed about this idea of one total system taking over the world. This type of scare at this time was pretty strong and had everyone fearing the same problems about being watched by the government and having live in fear like slaves. In the end the war ends and these fears are not as strong as they are in todays times. this book was confusing at first to imagine but then i understood and began to like the book. it was alittle scary to think about at times but i enjoyed the book overall.

Athena Tecxidor